GARDEN GROVE, CA - Teletrac announced the release of its newest integrated telematics solution, Fleet Director 8, taking vehicle fleet management to a new level, according to the company. Through any Web browser, Fleet Director 8 gives users a quicker, more intuitive grasp of vehicle location, routing, traffic status, and fleet operations than ever before, according to the company.

To deliver more realistic and detailed mapping, Teletrac employs the latest Microsoft Silverlight and BING Mapping technologies to serve up advanced satellite maps, 2D- and 3D-perspective roadmaps, users' own familiar landmarks and live traffic information in real time. As a result, fleet managers, dispatchers and drivers, in fleets of all sizes gain a complete understanding of operations, at a glance, making them more productive and efficient.

Teletrac combined its new, advanced mapping technology with capabilities that have long made Fleet Director an industry leading solution. Fleets gain benefits including lower fuel consumption and out-of-route miles, higher productivity, less unauthorized vehicle use, more on-time arrivals, enforced safer driving - often enabling lower insurance premiums - less driver overtime, reduced paperwork and improved regulatory compliance through automated electronic driver logs.

"With Fleet Director 8," said executive vice president Drew Hamilton, "Teletrac sets a new, higher standard for efficient fleet operations and related performance benchmarks including FMSCA and DOT compliance, preventive maintenance, safe driving, on-time arrivals and fleet customer satisfaction. These and other key indicators strongly depend on having the best available telematics solution."

Fleet Director 8 technology also gives users unprecedented flexibility and ease of use in an easy-to-understand interactive display. A user friendly and customizable layout and easily recognizable icons makes Fleet Director easy to use and intuitive from the start. Users enjoy unique flexibility for displaying multiple map views and data, and can customize window sizes and screen positions on the fly - allowing dispatchers to view whatever information is most productive at a given moment.

Fleet Director locates, tracks and monitors the position and operation of fleet vehicles, offering fleet managers unprecedented visibility into operations. It delivers cost-saving efficiencies such as real-time vehicle monitoring and tracking from the desktop, automatic route optimization and detailed reporting for advanced decision support and efficient regulatory compliance.

Fleet Director combines SmartNav turn by turn navigation, satellite mapping, real-time traffic information, stolen vehicle tracking and comprehensive reporting tools used to monitor mileage, vehicle use and alert managers to unauthorized use and unsafe driving behavior.