MADISON, IN - Grote Industries, a leader in high-performance LED lighting technology for the transportation industry, announced the first leg of its Trilliant Technology Tour road show has begun.

The custom-designed vehicle, with its inflatable mobile theater left Grote's world headquarters in Madison, Ind., and made the first stop of its 80-plus city tour at a municipal highway facility at 1106 Bates Ave., in Cincinnati on June 1. After traveling west across the northern United States and parts of Canada this summer, the tour will make its way through the southern states during its return leg in the fall and winter, with its last stop tentatively scheduled for mid-December 2010.

"The Trilliant Technology Tour will allow us to take the most stunning LED WhiteLight work lamp technology that's ever been assembled directly to our customers' locations" John Grote, vice president of sales and marketing, said. "We will be reaching OEs, distributors, fleets and end-users in ways that are simply not possible through traditional means, like trade shows."

In March of this year, Grote announced that it was repurposing resources associated with several industry trade shows, in order to pursue the Trillaint Technology Tour. The company has fully integrated the tour with Grote's nationwide team of sales professionals and will leverage the increased face time with its customers to delve into the significant advantages of its LED WhiteLight work lamp technology.

The tour vehicle's 34 exterior work lamps make it hard to ignore at night and its exterior graphics make it impossible to miss in broad daylight. When coupled with its inflatable theater, multi-media experience, mobile work lamp comparison platform and the heroic Trillaint Performance Team characters, the Trilliant Technology Tour's sheer spectacle will create a high level of excitement wherever it is deployed.

"These six advanced, high-performance LED WhiteLight Work Lamps are the most powerful and diverse in the industry," Scott Robertson, product manager of forward and interior lighting at Grote Industries, said. "We have the 3,200-lumen Trilliant, the industry's brightest LED WhiteLight Work Lamp, the Trilliant 36 LED WhiteLight Conversion Bulb, which turns any PAR 36 incandescent lamp into an LED WhiteLight Lamp, and everything in between."

Anyone interested in tracking the tour will be able to follow the tour's progress on Facebook and Twitter, and the tour has an entire micro-site,, dedicated to its online promotion and presence. Visitors can learn about the six work lamps, access an interactive tour map, register for a personal visit, view video and other rich content and communicate directly with the tour staff as they make their way across the continent.

The tour's mobile exhibit will allow visitors to see the lamps up close and will enable them to accurately judge the differences in optical characteristics such as beam intensity, color and pattern evenness in both Grote work lamps and competing products.

Grote's LED WhiteLight Work Lamps reduce ocular strain and provide better contrast. Better light promotes a safer, happier, less fatigued workforce, performing to the best of their abilities. With service ratings in the range of 50,000 hours, using Grote's LED WhiteLight work lamps also means less vehicle downtime and the elimination of the time and cost associated with replacing bulbs.

"There are six lamps, thousands of miles, and one mission associated with this tour," Grote said. "(Our one mission is) to make the end-user's operation more profitable, more productive and more efficient and to make them a hero for choosing Grote's LED WhiteLight Work Lamps."