OVERLAND PARK, KS - Two out of three drivers place high value on a company's driver recognition and safety incentive programs when deciding whether to leave or stay, according to the results of a survey published by Open Road Drivers Plan, a legal services and credit provider for over-the-road truckers across North America.

Drivers were asked to rate the importance of specific employee benefits in their decision to stay with or leave a trucking company. The survey measured truckers' attitudes toward carrier compensation and incentives, equipment and technology, employee-company communications, and job stability.

The survey also revealed the importance of communication to drivers. One hundred percent of drivers surveyed said their relationship with company dispatchers was important to their longevity with a company.

Other findings include 35 percent of drivers rate their current fleet benefits as "below average." Meanwhile, only 10 percent rate their fleet benefits as "above average," with the remaining 55 percent rating benefits as "average."

 "In the midst of a recession that has devastated the trucking industry, bankrupting thousands of carriers and leaving thousands more unemployed, the trucking industry has experienced turnover rates far below historical industry averages," the report said.

"As a result, fleets with a focus on lean business practices throughout the economic slowdown may easily overlook the importance of strong retention programs while freight remains weak. Industry experts continue to predict, however, a new driver shortage to arrive within the next five years," the report stated.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet