IRVING, TEXAS - Nissan Diesel Motor Co., Ltd. changed its English company name to UD Trucks Corporation, effective Feb. 1. Simultaneous with this company name change, the current Nissan Diesel brand name will also be changed to a new brand name called UD Trucks.

Moreover, the UD mark, which has differed in various markets around the world, will be unified under a new logo mark.

The new company name and the new UD Trucks brand name signify the company's strong determination to further expand its truck business. The company will continue to use the initial UD, which comes from the name of the diesel engine that established the foundations of its business and now stands for Ultimate Dependability, representing the company's vision. The reason for changing the company name and the brand name is to establish an unshakable position for the new UD Trucks brand as a global truck brand with a worldwide presence and as one of the leading brands in the Volvo Group.

The company has also updated its Web site and address following the company name change and brand unification. The new Web site is decorated with UD arc.
The new URLs (website addresses) are as follows;

UD Trucks Corporation
English site:
Japanese site:

UD Trucks Japan Corporation
Japanese site: