WASHINGTON - After AmeriGas Propane's Chief Executive Officer Gene Bissell toured ROUSH Performance's vehicle assembly area in Livonia, Mich., ROUSH Enterprises CEO Jack Roush handed Bissell the keys to a brand-new 2010 propane-fueled F-250 pickup, the first of many ROUSH vehicles to be added to the AmeriGas fleet.

"Twelve years ago we ran most of our bobtails and service vehicles on propane," said Bissell. "Unfortunately we experienced service and warranty issues that forced us to replace our propane vehicles with diesel-powered vehicles. With Roush's growing line of true OEM-quality propane vehicles, we can add propane-powered vehicles to our fleet with confidence. As one of the largest fleets in the U.S., we clearly see the financial and environmental benefits of converting to propane.  We are excited to have Jack Roush, one of the best-known names in the automotive industry, endorse propane."
Roush developed its line of propane-fueled trucks and vans with support from the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC).

"The propane industry has made huge strides in growth and innovation in recent years, supporting the design of the unique and fully integrated liquid propane injection system and the engineering of new propane-fueled vehicles, such as the E-250 van and the F-250 and F-350 truck series," said PERC Vice President Brian Feehan. "It's encouraging to see the largest propane retailer make this propane fleet commitment."

"Roush is taking a leadership role in helping fleets convert to propane as an engine fuel, and we need valued propane distributors such as AmeriGas to help spread the word," said Jack Roush. "Propane continues to be a leading alternative fuel that is available right now, at an economical price, and helps to reduce emissions which results in cleaner air for everyone to breath. It also lessens our dependency on foreign oil since 90 percent of propane is derived from domestic sources."
Tax credits are available for both the incremental cost of the conversion kit and each gallon of propane used as an engine fuel for qualified users. According to Roush, numerous studies have shown operational savings that fleet managers can achieve by converting to propane, and a savings calculator is available online at www.SwitchToPropane.com, allowing the user to input variables specific to their usage.

PERC promotes the safe and efficient use of propane as an energy fuel for its cost-effectiveness, efficiency and productivity, reliability, portability, and environmental friendliness. For more information about PERC and its programs, visit www.propanecouncil.org.