According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 80 percent of crashes are caused by driver inattention and the number one source of driver inattention is cell phone use. On-the-job vehicle crashes cost employers over $24,500 per crash, $150,000 per injury, and $3.6 million per fatality. ZoomSafer, a provider of policy management software to prevent distracted driving, is working with companies across the nation to reduce the risk of crashes by enabling employers to proactively enforce cell phone usage policies.

"Companies are concerned about the rapidly rising risks associated with distracted driving and they're increasingly adopting cell phone usage polices," said Matt Howard, founder and CEO of ZoomSafer. "We're proud to help leading companies such as B&G Equipment and Supply proactively enforce polices so they can protect employees, reduce crashes and save money."

"At B&G, safety is our number-one priority. Our employees have a strong desire to be immediately responsive to our customers and management team which often tempts them to text and email while driving," said Eric Hudson, Director of Planning and Administration for B&G Equipment and Supply. "We use ZoomSafer to automatically remove the temptation to respond to texts or emails while driving so our employees remain focused on the road, and not on their cell phones."

To further address fleet safety, ZoomSafer released Wednesday a new white paper, entitled Distracted Driving: How to Create and Enforce Policies to Reduce Corporate Risk. The white paper is available for free by visiting