WOODBINE, IOWA - Tommy Gate Company introduces the Flat­bed, Stake, and Van G2 Series, the latest addition to Tommy Gate's G2 Dual Drive Series. The Flatbed, Stake, and Van G2 Series is a heavy-duty dual cylinder design liftgate. It is available in 1600 lbs. lifting capacity and provides up to 50 inches of travel.

The Flatbed, Stake, and Van G2 Series comes standard with a closure-assist torsion bar and recessed control box. The maintenance free bushings provide easy maintenance.

Other standard features on the Flatbed, Stake, and Van G2 Series include:

  • Dual Hydraulic Cylinders drive system lift the platform from both sides.
  • Enclosed Unit: All critical components are factory enclosed in the main frame of gate providing protection from elements and damage. Easy access for servicing.
  • Pressure Relief Valve: Prevents operator from overloading the platform.
  • Flow Control Valve: Prevents uncontrolled descent of platform.
  • Control Unit: Moisture resistant toggle switch/deactivates 90 seconds after last operation (helps prevent unauthorized use), timer reset and on-off button permanently and conveniently located on control unit and positioned under logo and bulls eye respectively.
  • Circuit Breaker: 150 Amp Continuous, 3000 Amp Interrupt, 30 VDC, Watertight, Manual Reset. Mounted in-line with 4 AWG positive battery cable, protects vehicle in the event of an electrical short.
  • Power/Ground Cable: Factory supplied 4 AWG ground cable molded with power cable. Provides a direct connection from the liftgate to the truck battery.
  • License plate mount is recessed into the main frame.
  • Parallel Arm Pin Bushings: Self lubricating composite.
  • Platform Security: A lockable platform latch with lock included.
  • Curb-side Fixed Control: Timer deactivates 90 seconds after last operation (helps prevent unauthorized use).