ST. LOUIS - Kenworth Truck Company has enhanced its best in class componentry packaging for its T270 Class 6 and T370 Class 7 diesel-electric hybrid models and also added a new inverter design for 2010.

Kenworth has placed all its hybrid components, including the starter batteries, chassis load center, cooling package and new inverter, into one battery box conveniently located underneath back of cab on the driver side. The Eaton diesel-electric hybrid power system is located on the left frame rail forward of the rear axle. Kenworth also offers 9-foot long high power cables which allow body builders to relocate the power system to maximize frame rail space. These locations help provide easy access and the best set of options for customer frame requirements.
"We feel that Kenworth hybrids definitely have the best and cleanest chassis packaging in the industry for 2010," said Jason Skoog, Kenworth director of marketing planning and research. "Our efficient component packaging and convenient location makes it much easier for body builders to do their installations and enhances customer service for Kenworth T270 and T370 hybrid straight trucks and tractors."
The new inverter offers improved DC/DC cable clearance which is especially useful for utility customers, enhanced power distribution center with easy access to fuses that are now closer to the power source, and improved access and cable pass through. Kenworth offers a body builder power distribution module as an option. This module provides dedicated body builder battery power and ground in a convenient, easily accessible package mounted to the aft side of the battery box.

Kenworth hybrid tractors, available up to 55,000-lb GCW, are for local haul applications, including beverage, general freight, and grocery distribution. Kenworth hybrid trucks are for pickup and delivery, utility and service applications. Kenworth's goal is to enhance fuel economy by up to 30 percent in both pickup and delivery and hybrid tractor applications and up to 50 percent in utility operations.
The Kenworth hybrids use an integral transmission-mounted motor/generator; frame-mounted 340-volt, lithium-ion battery pack; and dedicated power management system.  Electricity generated through regenerative braking is stored and used for acceleration, assisting the diesel engine. Kenworth offers a high resolution, full color in-dash display to monitor the hybrid system. As the power requirements for different driving conditions change, the screen constantly updates the driver on system status, allowing the driver to optimize the performance of the hybrid system.