WOODBINE, IOWA - Tommy Gate Company, introduces the Lift-N-Dump G2 Series, the latest addition to Tommy Gate's G2 Dual Drive Series. The Lift-N-Dump G2 Series is a heavy-duty dual cylinder design liftgate with dump-through capabilities for dump bodies and platform dump bodies. It is available in 1600 lbs. lifting capacity and provides up to 50 inches of travel.

The Lift-N-Dump G2 Series comes standard with a closure-assist torsion bar and recessed control box. The maintenance free bushings provide easy maintenance.

Other features on the Lift-N-Dump G2 Series include:

  • Dual Hydraulic Cylinders drive system lift the platform from both sides.
  • The newly designed G2 Lift-N-Dump latch offers simple, lockable operation.
  • Enclosed Unit: All critical components are factory enclosed in the main frame of gate providing protection from elements and damage. Easy access for servicing.
  • Pressure Relief Valve: Prevents operator from overloading the platform.
  • Control Unit: Moisture resistant toggle switch/deactivates 90 seconds after last operation (helps prevent unauthorized use), timer reset and on-off button permanently and conveniently located on control unit and positioned under logo and bulls eye respectively.
  • Circuit Breaker: 150 Amp Continuous, 3000 Amp Interrupt, 30 VDC, Watertight, Manual Reset. Mounted in-line with 4 AWG positive battery cable, protects vehicle in the event of an electrical short.
  • Power/Ground Cable: Factory supplied 4 AWG ground cable molded with power cable. Provides a direct connection from the liftgate to the truck battery.
  • Curb-side Fixed Control: Timer deactivates 90 seconds after last operation (helps prevent unauthorized use).
  • Hard-chrome pins and composite bushings at major pivot points in the platform.
  • Optional rubber bumpers provide a rubber cushion between the platform and the ground surface.
  • Flow Control Valve: Prevents uncontrolled descent of platform.
  • License plate mount is recessed into the main frame.
  • Parallel Arm Pin Bushings: Self lubricating composite.
  • Drop chain covers provide a quieter ride.
  • Platform Security: A lockable platform latch with lock included.
  • Optional pendant control.