BLOOMING PRAIRIE, MN - Craig Kruckeberg, the Chief Visionary Officer of Minimizer, announced the formation of the Heavy Truck Young Executives Network.

"The objective was to create a trade group for young executives in our industry," Kruckeberg said. "We want to have opportunities to connect at industry trade shows and events."

Kruckeberg continued, "I felt there was a need for an industry trade group for young executives involved in managing heavy truck, construction, distribution and manufacturing companies related to trucking. Our focus will be on learning, growth and creating a strong networking organization."

The goal is to have an open forum without the pretense of being sold. We can commit to dialogue about the industry, current challenges and future direction and hopefully spawn activity that will help propel our respective industries forward.

The starting point is the LinkedIn network where the group has been established. Those interested can join by going to LinkedIn ( and search for the group "Heavy Truck Young Executive Network."

Edward Kuo, Executive Director of HDeXchange, Inc., a developer of electronic commerce solutions for the heavy truck parts industry, is a member and supportive of the idea. "With the large number of new individuals that are entering the industry a networking group like this is a needed platform. It allows young executives to establish the same cohesive bond that current industry leadership has enjoyed for decades. It's a support network and learning group for the next generation of leadership in the industry."

"What makes the industry great to work in is that people, competitors, trading partners tend to be supportive and dedicated to helping each other achieve their goals," Kuo said. "This new trade group is needed to maintain this atmosphere. More often than not we'll help each other succeed even though we may be competitors. This needs to continue, the younger generation needs to adopt this same philosophy. The Heavy Truck Young Executive Network provides opportunities to extend professional support on an intra-industry level."

For more information on the Heavy Truck Young Executive Network you can visit their Linked In Web site or contact Craig Kruckeberg, Chief Visionary Officer at Minimizer (800) 248.3855 or