A wrongful death suit was filed last week against Lake Nebagamon Trucking Corporation Inc. and semi tractor driver Troy A. Rasmussen of Hayward, Wis., according to the Superior Telegram.

The suit was filed in connection with the Dec. 11 death of Leah Phillips, 29, following a traffic accident where a southbound semi tractor driven by Rasmussen crossed the median and collided with her northbound passenger vehicle. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Rasmussen was transported to a local hospital with undetermined medical issues. According to the Superior Police Department, there were reports that the driver blacked out while driving.

The state accident report filed for the incident lists Rasmussen's condition and failure to have control of the vehicle as possible contributing factors in the crash.

The suit, filed by Phillips' husband, alleges one count of negligence against Rasmussen, one count of vicarious liability against Lake Nebagamon Trucking, which owns the semi-tractor trailer, one count of negligent entrustment against the trucking corporation and one count of breach of motor carrier safety regulations against both Rasmussen and Lake Nebagamon Trucking. The complaint states that, because of Rasmussen's prior driving conduct and known medical conditions, the trucking company should have known he could use the semi trailer in a way that risked harming others.

Security National Insurance Company, which insures Lake Nebagamon Trucking, is also listed as a defendant, according to the Superior Telegram.