Top Work Truck news in 2009
Original Post: January 20, 2009

CORONA, CA —Vantage Vehicle International, Inc., a Corona, California-based manufacturer of mini-vehicles is pleased to announce the national release of its all-electric utility truck and passenger and cargo van line through a national network of distributors.

The Vantage electric line includes: the 2-passenger Extended Cab GreenTruck EVX 1000, the 5-passenger Crew Cab GreenTruck EVR 1000, (both can haul up to 1000 pounds and are available in many configurations), the 5-passenger cargo EVC 1000 GreenVan and the EVP 1000 GreenVan 7-passenge van, the only all-electric vans on the market.  All the Vantage vehicles are powered by lead-acid batteries that charge on standard house current in four to six hours.  They have a range of up to 60 miles per charge, and accelerate from 0 to 25 mph in five seconds.  The cost of operating these vehicles is about three cents per mile and insurance premiums are well below full-sized vehicles.  With these cost savings, they typically pay for themselves in about five years.

Electric Passenger Van

Michael Pak, founder and CEO of Vantage has a long history in the electric vehicle market in the United States. Pak describes the Company’s transition to EVs, “After several years of research I discovered that I could create the ideal electric vehicles by installing all U.S. made electric components in the mini-vehicle chassis made by a Chinese automobile company.  We maintain the highest quality control standards in our Corona factory and can expand to meet demand as the EV market grows.”

Electric Extended Cab Truck

The Company is announcing its distribution network with dealers in most major U.S cities including: Dallas, Seattle, Las Vegas, Portland, Denver, Phoenix, Kansas City, Omaha, Des Moines, Indianapolis, Columbus, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Little Rock, Houston, Richmond, Raleigh, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

Vantage is active in fleet sales to the military and other government agencies.  In 2009 Pak is predicting that many businesses will see both the green and the financial advantages of electric vehicles and convert more of their gas powered utility trucks and vans.  The future is bright for Vantage and for the EV category as America moves toward energy independence.

Electric Cargo Van

For more information contact Isaac Cronin, (510) 644-9517,, or For sales contact: Vantage Vehicles, (951) 735-1200.