As a result of external locks being exposed to the elements of weather, external padlocks often freeze, rust and jam up constantly. To counter that, a tradesman who was tired of constantly being locked out of his work van invented the Reda Lock Guard as a way of protecting external "hockey puck" padlocks from snow, ice, salt and basic road grime.

Hockey puck padlocks are great for security but leave a lot to be desired for functionality. The Reda Lock Guard fits over the hockey puck padlock and attaches itself with five strong rare earth magnets. Users simply pull it off and let it hang by its attached cable or slap it on the panel of the van door. When users are done in the van, they simply put it back over the lock.

The universal Reda Lock Guard, made of high impact plastic, is made to fit all round hockey puck locks on the market today. The Reda Lock Guard is available now at all industrial/commercial distributors, specialty van/truck outfitters and limited retailers.