VALHALLA, NY - SOMS Technologies, LLC, developer and manufacturer of the microGreen Extended Performance Oil Filter, has announced that a pilot testing program is well underway with TruGreen. TruGreen, the nation's leading provider of lawn care services, has been using the microGreen Extended Performance Oil Filter on its vehicles.  With promising preliminary results already in hand, TruGreen plans to continue the program through March 2010 with the expectation of reducing maintenance costs and the company's impact on the environment.   

"Testing and implementing technologies that can help us reduce our impact on the environment is very important to us. If those technologies also provide an economic benefit to our company, everyone wins," said Michael St. Clair, vice president of fleet operations for ServiceMaster.

TruGreen is one of several companies that recently elected to participate in the microGreen Fleet Adoption Program. The innovative program allows fleet managers to assess the microGreen oil filter and validate the cost savings and environmental benefits. As part of the program, SOMS Technologies offers complimentary oil analysis to eligible fleets that is conducted through an independent laboratory to monitor the performance of the filter and the quality of the oil.

With more than 15,000 vehicles, ServiceMaster, TruGreen's parent company, operates the 10th largest commercial fleet in the U.S.

"We are extremely pleased to be able to work with ServiceMaster to help them achieve their maintenance cost and environmental objectives," said Steve Kirchner, COO, SOMS Technologies. "Our Fleet Adoption Program allows fleets to experience the benefits of the microGreen filter and ensure the performance of the filter with independent oil analysis. We are excited to provide an innovative solution which offers tremendous cost savings, while making a significantly positive impact on our environment."

"The SOMS pilot program is part of our commitment to developing responsible lawn care practices," said Steve Donly, president of TruGreen. "The significant reduction in oil use is just one example of our passionate pursuit of sustainable business practices." 

The microGreen Extended Performance Oil Filter is a spin-on filter that fits most light vehicles, as well as fleet classes 3-6. It has been proven through extensive laboratory and on-road testing to reduce oil maintenance costs by 65 percent, while also decreasing the use of motor oil by 70 percent and oil filter changes by 50 percent, helping to protect the environment.

Designed as two-filters-in-one, the microGreen filter looks and installs like a traditional spin-on oil filter; however, its unique internal components include a patented microfilter that captures particles down to 2 microns in size. Traditional oil filters using paper filtration typically filter down to only 25 - 40 microns. The double filtration of the microGreen filter keeps the oil cleaner and maintains the additive package, allowing vehicles to extend the use of motor oil up to 30,000 miles.