ZoomSafer, a provider of innovative solutions to prevent distracted driving, announced that it has released the next version of its patented safe driving software helping motorist's focus on the road and not their mobile phones.

"This new release delivers a truly simple and innovative safe driving solution that helps people make better choices behind the wheel and provides safe alternatives for staying connected," said Mike Riemer, CEO and co-founder of ZoomSafer. "Beyond legislation and education, this is a major milestone in the fight to prevent distracted driving and is a powerful example of how technology is helping make our roads safer."

The following safe driving services are available in this latest release:

  • Auto activates when driving with opt-out for passengers.
  • Plays personalized safety announcements reminding drivers to focus on the road.
  • Locks keypad to prevent texting or typing and reinforces hands-free behavior.
  • Suppresses inbound text and email alerts and auto replies to sender.
  • Permits inbound calls from up to 20 priority contacts.
  • Announces incoming priority callers with custom voice ringtone.
  • Suppresses non-priority in-bound calls, sends to voice mail, and auto replies to caller.
  • Provides one button access to hands-free voice activated dialing and 911.
  • Supports Bluetooth headsets and car kits.
  • Optionally shares driver's status via email, text, Facebook, or Twitter

To register and download ZoomSafer for FREE, please visit www.zoomsafer.com. Once registered, users can customize their settings at www.myzoomsafer.com. To watch a collection of "how to" videos please visit ZoomSafer's YouTube channel.