MOUNT HOLLY, NJ - Burlington County officials recently announced another 36 vehicles have been earmarked for elimination from the county fleet.

In addition, some 44 cars and trucks designated to specific employees as take-home vehicles will be "parked," said Freeholder Joseph Donelly, in hopes of generating yet additional fuel and maintenance savings. Employees would remain assigned to these vehicles, but only to respond to assignments from their worksites during the work day.

"Since January 2008, we have eliminated 113 vehicles from the County fleet, so we're moving a major step forward to my goal of 120," Donelly said in a statement. "Our estimated savings are $3.4 million, taking into account the average replacement cost, fuel usage, maintenance and insurance."

This will bring the number of vehicles in the fleet down to 509, not including contractor-type vehicles, most of which fall under the Highway Department.

Donnelly said at his request an in-house committee reviewed the vehicle list and then met with key department heads. The committee then made recommendations as to vehicles that were not essential to County business.

The committee also reviewed the list of take-home vehicle assignments across nine departments, and assessed the number of times that employees had to respond to emergencies from home.

Based on the committee's recommendations, the number of take-home vehicles are to be reduced from 107 to 63. All but 10 of the remaining take-home vehicles are assigned to law enforcement (Prosecutor and Sheriff), according to the County.

The Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, who Donelly said often responds to emergencies at the various county facilities outside of regular work hours, will be the only department head to maintain a take-home vehicle.


Originally posted on Government Fleet