Fleets utilizing the PHH GreenFleet program continue to achieve significant reductions in their emissions while reducing lifecycle operating costs. Companies that have implemented the comprehensive greenhouse gas management program have reduced their fleet emissions on average by 14 percent and operating costs by 7 percent. In addition, they improved their miles per gallon an average of 16 percent. All of these savings were realized in their first year of utilizing PHH GreenFleet.

Karen Healey, PHH director in charge of the company's green initiatives, said, "What's most amazing is that companies are achieving these results in the first year they implement PHH GreenFleet. Our clients who have been on the program for a number of years often achieve an even higher level of savings."

A recent PHH Arval survey of fleet managers found that companies are still concerned about the environment despite the economic downturn. They are looking for ways to reduce their vehicle emissions without increasing costs. A 7 percent decrease in operating costs for a fleet of 100 sedans - possible through PHH GreenFleet - could save a company as much as $75,000 per year while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

PHH GreenFleet was developed by PHH Arval and Environmental Defense Fund, PHH's long-time partner in environmental initiatives. The program was the first such service for fleet vehicles; its elements include consultation on selecting more efficient vehicles, improved fuel economy through improved maintenance and driver training, and measuring progress on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Most recently, PHH released an online green driving training program that is designed to teach drivers more fuel efficient driving practices. PHH Arval also offers telematics solutions that help fleet managers enforce anti-idling and speeding policies, both of which impact fuel usage. For companies that are interested in going "carbon neutral," PHH can assist in finding appropriate and credible carbon offsets.

In 2008, PHH GreenFleet won an American Business ("Stevie") award for "Best New Product or Service." For more information on PHH GreenFleet, and for access to environmental white papers, go to:  www.phharval.com/2kindsofgreen.