DETROIT - General Motors said it is working on a new agreement for medium-duty truck dealers that will allow them to continue to provide warranty, maintenance, and repair services.

"Under this arrangement, customers who purchase GM's medium-duty trucks will be able to enjoy the same level of service and warranty coverage and parts availability they have always received," according to a GM statement.

"GM is committed to maintaining a strong network of medium-duty service facilities - even after the wind down of GM's medium-duty sales operations on October 31, 2010. All customers should have continued peace of mind about purchasing a GM medium-duty vehicle from one of our 465 medium-duty dealers," GM stated.

GM announced June 8 that it would cease production of medium-duty trucks by July 31.

After the June 8 announcement, Jim Campbell, general manager, GM Fleet and Commercial Operations, reassured customers that GM medium-duty warranties would be unaffected by the production shutdown, noting vehicles can still be serviced by GMC and Chevrolet dealerships.