GREENVILLE, NC - Hyster Company, a lift truck designer and manufacturer in North America, now offers a brochure showcasing the cold storage features and capabilities of their wide range of lift trucks. Titled "Revolutionizing Refrigeration and Cold Storage," the new brochure includes information on cooler/freezer packages and optional equipment designed specifically for refrigerated environments.

The brochure highlights features such as enclosed traction/hoist control, thermostatically controlled heaters on applicable switches, sealed control handle switches, premium performance anti-wear hydraulic oil and dielectric grease at wire harness connections that allow Hyster lift trucks to operate in a wide range of temperatures. Hyster Company offers three environmental packages designed for:

  • Standard Construction for Operating Temperatures from +32° F to +120° F
  • Cooler/Freezer Package for Operating Temperatures from 0° F to +120° F
  • Subzero Freezer Package for Operating Temperatures from -40° F to +120° F

The Subzero Freezer Package is available with an optional heated floor for superior operator comfort and productivity, while all trucks are offered with waterproof electric connectors to prevent contamination and improve reliability and uptime.

The brochure also highlights the industry-first extreme corrosion/wash down package, developed for highly corrosive, high moisture environments such as food processing, pickling, tanneries, salt and brine and chemical industries. This innovative package includes a completely galvanized frame, lift linkage and battery well and fork weldment, which eliminate rusting and repainting to give the trucks ultimate durability and longevity.

Durable parts and control systems, customizable software and expert truck optimization enhance the performance and productivity of the Hyster lift trucks while reducing maintenance costs and downtime. Backed by one of the largest and most experienced dealer networks in the industry, Hyster customers have access to an expansive parts availability program, in-depth operator training and product customization for special applications.

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