RIVERSIDE, CA - Criticized in a recent audit for lax oversight of take-home cars and other inefficiencies, Riverside County is seeking funds to outfit its vehicles with GPS tracking devices, according to The Press-Enterprise.

GPS units can be used to monitor location, speed, emissions, and other real-time information about county cars and trucks.

Riverside County officials have applied for federal stimulus money to defray the cost of tracking units for 500 of the county's 5,300 vehicles, said Bob Howdyshell, director of fleet services and purchasing. He estimates the units and two years of service would cost about $500,000. Federal grant money, if approved, would cover about half that amount, he added. The County would pay the rest.

The County spends about $43.7 million a year purchasing, fueling, and maintaining its vehicles, reported the Enterprise. Earlier this month, the County said it plans to cut take-home vehicles totals in half.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet