TAMPA, FL - Keytroller, LLC introduces the Genie Card wireless automatic RFIC card ignition enabler. This proactive device prevents equipment theft from "hot wiring." The hidden wireless relay must be enabled by Genie Card in order to start the equipment.

If a thief tries to "hot wire" the ignition key, the engine will not start. A thief would have to find the wireless relay hidden in the ignition, starter or fuel pump circuit and circumvent it. Multiple wireless relays in different circuits can be enabled by the same Genie Card for even higher security.

The Genie Card works due to a wireless relay hidden within the ignition, starter, or fuel pump circuit. The system has a battery-powered RFID Genie Card, smaller than a credit card, that pairs to the relay. Once the driver walks in the programmable range (10'-30') the device automatically enables.

The authorized driver is then able to start the equipment with his key. When the authorized driver turns off the engine and walks out of range, the wireless relay disables, therefore protecting the equipment from theft. An LED on the dash board signals transmission interruptions or low battery of the card. In addition, the device has an override emergency PIN code for managers.