ST. LOUIS, MO – Enterprise Fleet Management, a division of Enterprise, was recognized for its comprehensive environmental initiatives, winning the 2009 American Business Award for Environmental Responsibility Program of the Year. The award was announced June 22, 2009 at a dinner gala in New York City.  

Enterprise Fleet Management, a full-service fleet management company for businesses with medium-size fleets, received the award for implementing an aggressive set of programs and initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of customer's vehicles. Key components include offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, undergoing fleet emission footprint analyses, adopting strategies for vehicle cycling and fleet optimization, and embracing emerging fuel and engine technologies. In addition, a pledge of $1 million was made through the Enterprise charitable foundation to match a portion of each fleet customer's greenhouse gas emissions and a dedicated Web site,, was developed to educate businesses fleet owners and operators on ways to reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution.  

As a result of the program, Enterprise in 2008 offset an average of 15,000 pounds of CO2 per vehicle from participating customers with fleets comprised of cars, light and medium duty trucks and service vehicles. The main features of Enterprise Fleet Management's environmental platform include:

  • Vehicle Cycling/Fleet Optimization - Enterprise provides comprehensive data for measuring fleet emissions, project improvements in fuel efficiency and direct and indirect remediation costs.
  • Emerging Fuel and Engine Technologies - With the largest fleet of FlexFuel and thousands of gas-electric hybrids, Enterprise helps customers make smart decisions about new engine technologies.
  • Offsetting Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Enterprise helps customers purchase verifiable greenhouse gas emissions through a trusted third-party partner.
  • Fleet Emission Footprint Analysis - Enterprise helps businesses analyze options to balance or mitigate emissions by measuring the carbon footprint of individual vehicles in a company's fleet.

Also known as The Stevies, the American Business Award is a national, all-encompassing awards program that recognizes outstanding performance in the workplace in several categories. 

Enterprise Fleet Management previously won a 2006 American Business Award for Best Support Organization, demonstrating exceptional teamwork in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina by focusing on taking care of employees displaced by the storm and serving the needs of local customer companies. 

Additionally, Gary Rappeport, CEO of Donlen Corp., won "Executive of the Year" at the Stevies. 


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet