Volvo's North American subsidiary, Volvo Trucks North America, has begun selling vehicles that meet the new U.S. emissions standards, EPA2010, which come into effect in 2010. The trucks meet the standards using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), which also increases fuel efficiency and reduces carbon emissions. Initial production is scheduled for autumn 2009.  

By beginning the process this early, the plant in New River Valley, Va. can commence the production of trucks that meet the new emissions standards already prior to them coming into effect next year. The plant's production processes have been modified in recent months in preparation for 2010 and to enhance the efficiency and quality of manufacturing.  

By mid-June, customers had placed orders via distributors for approximately 50 trucks that meet EPA2010 standards.  

"Several customers have expressed an interest in placing SCR-equipped vehicles in their fleets ahead of 2010," says Scott Kress, senior vice president Sales and Marketing at Volvo Trucks North America. "This gives early adopters the opportunity to gain familiarity with the technology and the benefits of SCR."