CHICAGO - NAVTEQ, a global provider of digital map, traffic, and location data for in-vehicle, portable, wireless and enterprise solutions, announced Daimler Trucks North America LLC, a medium- and heavy-duty truck manufacturer has selected the NAVTEQ map to power the new RunSmart Predictive Cruise solution for its Cascadia line of vehicles.  This innovative application will utilize the NAVTEQ map of the U.S. which includes attributes collected by NAVTEQ's geographic analysts that enable advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). 

By integrating the truck's cruise control system with GPS and NAVTEQ's slope and height data, RunSmart Predictive Cruise automatically fine tunes the set speed to reduce fuel consumption.  While in route, the system appraises the upcoming changes in road terrain and adjusts the throttle accordingly, resulting in fuel savings.  Daimler Trucks' implementation of NAVTEQ's ADAS attributes represents the industry's first commercial application of digital map data in a fuel efficiency system, independent of a navigation unit.

"At Daimler Trucks North America we are driven by the trucking industry's need to operate more efficiently," commented Elmar Boeckenhoff, vice president of truck product engineering, Daimler Trucks North America.  "The accuracy of the road slope information provided by NAVTEQ maps enables RunSmart Predictive Cruise to ease the burden on the truck's engine when traversing challenging terrain."

NAVTEQ data provides the digital map foundation on which RunSmart Predictive Cruise relies.  NAVTEQ's comprehensive digital maps includes millions of miles of road network including precise road coordinates, information on the direction of travel and slope data for over 200,000 miles of highway throughout the contiguous U.S. 

"This compelling application shows first-hand how attributes collected by our geographic analysts can drive innovation and create intelligent applications," stated Bob Denaro, vice president, ADAS, NAVTEQ.  "By tapping into the power of ADAS, Daimler Trucks is leveraging data and technology to drive down fuel consumption to benefit both the physical and fiscal environments."

ADAS attributes contained in the NAVTEQ map can be used to power virtually any vehicle ADAS application.  This is accomplished through the introduction of ADAS attributes either via the vehicle's navigation system (by featuring the complete NAVTEQ map) or by means of a Map and Positioning Engine in the vehicle's subsystem that utilizes a compact version of the map containing only ADAS attributes and geometry.  The incorporation of the map's ADAS attributes allows for the development of intelligent solutions that enable a safer, more efficient driving experience. 

RunSmart Predictive Cruise will be available for order in Q3 2009.