PENDER, NE - If you've got a big load to tow, you want a Titan. That's exactly what Blue Ox brings to heavy-duty towing needs with its new top of the line Titan tow bar, which can handle up to 10,000 lbs. with its Class IV rating.

The Titan tow bar is made to fit larger vehicles, provide a tighter turning radius, and haul heavy loads with ease. It's designed with a pintle coupler for an easy, safe and sturdy hookup, while also backed by Class IV safety cables to create a strong, durable tow connection. It is ideal for construction operations, rugged fleet applications, farms, manufacturing centers, city, county and state government, and other heavy-duty jobs.
The Titan is made with drop-forged steel and quarter-inch wall tubing for heavy-duty toughness. Its legs also stretch for a length of 46 inches when fully extended, surpassing other tow bars and providing the tightest turn possible. It's an amazingly simple-to-use package of strength and maneuverability no matter what you're towing. For added convenience and accessibility, the Titan is easily stored right on the front of the towed vehicle.

As with other Blue Ox products, Titan is manufactured to the highest industry standards. It's easy to install and is transferable with a limited lifetime warranty.

So, for a single tow bar, the Titan provides a tremendous range of towing options - one tow bar that can do it all. The Titan is the latest of a growing family of Blue Ox products designed to give you a leg up on your towing and hauling needs.

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