GLENVIEW, IL - Navman Wireless North America announced the addition of automated features for capturing and reporting truck drivers' hours in its OnlineAVL2 vehicle tracking and logistics system for fleet managers. The new capabilities reduce paperwork related to generating time sheets, prevent drivers from inflating their time reports, eliminate time wasted in driving to a dispatch center to punch in and out, and improve visibility into overall driver performance.

OnlineAVL2 now automatically logs drivers in and out as they turn their vehicle ignition on and off. The software records data including start and stop times, total hours driven, time and distance travelled, total stops, and total stop time. That information is then used to electronically generate time cards and produce a variety of reports enabling managers to evaluate the productivity of individual drivers as well as the whole fleet.

Reports can be configured to run automatically with no manual intervention or to be emailed to designated users such as the accounts payable department, an outsourced payroll processor, or fleet managers themselves.

OnlineAVL2's new time capture and reporting system is included with new product purchases at no extra charge and provided as a free upgrade to current customers, either on request or during the next scheduled automatic software update.

"Companies with vehicle fleets typically spend hundreds of hours manually tracking and calculating drivers' hours. This is costly, prone to error, and produces data in a form that cannot be easily used to measure things like time spent on the road versus distance travelled," said Renaat Ver Eecke, Vice President, Navman Wireless North America. "By automating these processes, our new time recording and reporting features save time, cut costs, and produce actionable information that can help optimize fleet operations."

This latest upgrade further extends OnlineAVL2's ability to help fleet managers reduce expenses, increase fleet productivity and improve customer service. The combination of the Online AVL2 desktop application and the companion Qube vehicle-mounted GPS tracking device delivers advanced features such as wide area mapping down to the street level, the ability to identify individual drivers, polygonal geofence functionality for defining driver territories, robust two-way messaging and navigation options, and the market's most comprehensive real-time and historical vehicle/driver activity reporting.