REDWOOD SHORES, CA – Ryder has installed the GreenRoad Safety Center at select company locations. GreenRoad Safety Center provides Ryder with a tool to improve safety performance on the road by reducing collisions and injuries through a positive driver-friendly approach, the company said.

GreenRoad Safety Center provides drivers with instant feedback while driving, as well as detailed online reporting when returning to their “home” location. By using GreenRoad, Ryder can provide customers full visibility into their drivers’ actual behaviors, at the same time reducing the number of required supervisory on-the-road driver observations. It also enables Ryder to monitor its drivers at remote locations and provide them with immediate and customized coaching.

“We believe that the most effective technology to improve driver safety is the kind that provides consistent, real-time feedback,” said Bob Prim, director, Safety Standards at Ryder. “Through this feedback, Ryder drivers receive immediate coaching that enables them to instantly modify their behavior.”

Safety Center works through a sensor in the vehicle that detects driver skill in five categories of maneuvers: speed, braking, acceleration, lane-handling, and turning. Every trip can be viewed on the Web to show overall safety level and detailed information about areas for improvement. Each driver is given a safety rating of green (safe), yellow (moderate), or red (dangerous).