CERRITOS, CA – Isuzu Motors Limited approved a restructuring plan for its North American affiliated companies. This plan establishes a new entity, Isuzu North America Corporation (INAC), which will own the Isuzu group’s interests in Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc. (ICTA), Isuzu Motors America, Inc. (ISZA), and Isuzu Manufacturing Services of America, Inc. (IMSA).

INAC will be based in Southern California and assume finance, accounting, tax, legal, human resources, and administrative support responsibility for its subsidiaries. By consolidating these functions into a single entity apart from the operating subsidiaries, INAC expects to gain efficiencies of scale and perspective. This shift also better aligns Isuzu’s North American companies’ management structure under Makoto Kawahara, to whom all operations began reporting earlier this year. Kawahara will serve as INAC’s President.

To reflect its largely California-based operations, ISZA will convert from a Michigan corporation to a California limited liability company. ISZA will also dissolve its passenger vehicle finance subsidiary, Isuzu Motors Acceptance Corporation, which had been winding down its operations over the past several years.

ICTA will remain a California corporation, and its interests in Isuzu Commercial Truck of Canada, Inc., and Isuzu Finance of America, Inc., will be unchanged.

IMSA will continue to own Isuzu Diesel Services of America, Inc., which, in turn, will continue to be a part owner of DMAX, Ltd., a diesel engine manufacturing joint venture with General Motors Corporation.