KIRKLAND, WA – Kenworth Truck Company gave participants a close look at its lineup of medium-duty, diesel-electric hybrid trucks during the 8th annual Hybrid Truck Users Forum (HTUF) in South Bend, Ind.

The national forum brought together fleets, suppliers, and manufacturers to examine the latest in hybrid technology for the trucking industry, according to

Kenworth recently started production of its new T270 Class 6 and T370 Class 7 hybrids, while also announcing the introduction of a new T370 hybrid tractor. All three vehicles were prominently featured at HTUF, with a T270 pickup and delivery hybrid and T370 hybrid tractor in the ride and drive event.

Kenworth’s goal is to enhance fuel economy by up to 30 percent in pickup and delivery applications and up to 50 percent in utility operations.

The Kenworth T270 and T370 hybrids are powered by the PACCAR PX-6 engine and feature an integral transmission-mounted motor/generator, a frame-mounted 340-volt battery pack, and a dedicated power management system. Advanced powertrain controls monitor driving conditions and automatically select the ideal power mode, smoothly switching among electric only, combined diesel and electric, and diesel only power modes. Electricity generated through regenerative braking is stored and used for acceleration, assisting the diesel engine. The hybrid system is monitored through a dash display. As the power requirements for different driving conditions change, the screen constantly updates the driver on system status.

Purchasers of Kenworth hybrids equipped with a PACCAR PX-6 engine and the Eaton hybrid system may qualify for a maximum U.S. federal tax credit of $6,000 (Class 6) and $12,000 (Class 7).