SPARKS, MD PHH Arval has introduced a flexible alternative to the traditional managed maintenance program: the PHH Open Network Maintenance Program. This program, available in the U.S. and Canada, is designed for companies who have unique needs that may not always fit into a traditional managed maintenance program.

PHH Open Network enables client companies to continue to use their current maintenance providers. Clients retain control over their maintenance authorizations and spend. PHH Arval assumes the administrative tasks of collecting transaction data, making supplier payments and providing consolidated billing. The program features:

  • Ability to use repair facilities chosen by the client.
  • 24/7 call center to capture detailed data on maintenance transactions.
  • PHH InterActive for online access to actionable reports.
  • Preventive maintenance compliance tracking.
  • Payment to suppliers at point of sale.
  • Consolidation of maintenance spend on one bill with all fleet charges.

For clients looking for more help managing their maintenance expenses, PHH Arval also offers the traditional Vehicle Maintenance Assistance Program (VMA). VMA offers the added benefits of repair consultation, cost savings reports, national account pricing and warranty services.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet