CHICAGO - Navistar has partnered with Corporacion Nacional del Radiodeterminacion, a distributor of Qualcomm mobile information systems, to offer the OmniTRACS mobile communications system to the Mexico market via its subsidiary, Camiones y Motores Internacional de Mexico and its dealer network, according to Datamonitor.


The OmniTRACS system is a satellite mobile information system that enables transportation companies to communicate with drivers; monitor vehicle location, maintenance and security status; and provide better customer service.

Daniel Lindberg, vice president and general manager for Navistar Electronics, said: "Navistar has provided telematics solutions in the U.S. since 2005 with its Aware telematics solution for truck and bus fleet operators.


"Collaborating with CNR (Corporacion Nacional del Radiodeterminacion), which has an established network to offer Qualcomm mobile information systems and services in Mexico, allows us to confidently offer a high-quality telematics solution to meet the growing demand among transportation companies and dealers in Mexico."