Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company has introduced new vehicle replacement coverage for commercial fleets–insuring the full replacement cost of vehicles that are total losses for up to their first three model years. In addition, a hybrid upgrade endorsement is available, enabling business’ fleets to “go green.”


Fireman’s Fund offers full replacement coverage including increased cost to replace with a new vehicle.


Commercial vehicles will be replaced with the most current make and model available, including similar equipment and options. There is no depreciation reduction, but rather the increased cost to replace with a new vehicle is covered.

This enables policyholders to upgrade to a hybrid model (or its equivalent) during the first three model-years in the event of a total loss. This is an attractive choice for those businesses that want to protect the value of their assets, reduce their energy costs and protect the environment.

Both of these coverage enhancements apply without a deductible. The coverage also includes Rental Reimbursement coverage up to $3500 in the event of a total loss.

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