Mission Linen Supply has recently contracted with National Driver Accountability Program (NDAP) to use the latest technology to monitor employees’ driving habits. The program is fully automated, using voice recognition and the Internet as tools of accountability, Mission Linen reports.

NDAP relies on the driving public to call a toll free number on a bumper sticker when they see someone driving recklessly. Mechanical issues and driver compliments can also be reported.

What sets the system apart is its use of the latest voice recognition and Internet technologies to make the process automated and seamless. Rather than using a call center full of telephone operators (and the overhead required to support such a system), calls to NDAP are answered by an automatic computer attendant that handles the call quickly and efficiently.

Participating vehicles have a sticker with a unique ID number, in order for the caller to identify the vehicle, leave a message and then hang up.

Immediately after the message is left, the NDAP automated attendant logs the call time, caller’s phone number and the message in the database. The system then contacts whoever is responsible for the vehicle that was reported, and plays back the message. An email is also simultaneously sent to the responsible party. Included in this email is the caller’s message which is attached as a .wav file for easy playback, as well as the caller’s phone number and reported vehicle information.

The responsible party can then access the NDAP Web system to associate the message with a specific driver, and build up a driver history. Any steps taken to manage driver behavior can be tracked through the NDAP site. Monthly and weekly reminder reports are generated automatically as PDF file attachments to your email.