LOUISVILLE, KY – The International LoneStar recently took center stage during the big-rig’s debut at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS). Building on the momentum of the LoneStar’s surprise launch at the Chicago Auto Show in February, Navistar International Corporation brought three configurations of its International brand’s sleek new showhorse to the MATS floor.


LoneStar, available in LoneStar Day Cab, LoneStar Sleeper, and LoneStar Aero Sleeper variations, was designed input from truck drivers.

Carnegie Mellon University researchers collaborated with the Navistar design team to interview hundreds of trucking professionals and get their perspectives on what the next generation of Class 8 trucks should be. The Carnegie Mellon researchers also helped Navistar interpret those impressions.


With LoneStar, Navistar has created a new category of Class 8 trucks, called Advanced Classic, in which technology and innovative styling converge with next-generation aerodynamic design to deliver superior fuel efficiency. LoneStar is projected to be 5 to 15 percent more fuel efficient than traditional long-nose classic trucks, equating to an annual savings of $3,000 to $15,000 or more, depending on miles driven, cost of fuel, and competitive model being compared.

Built from the core of the ProStar, the Class 8 leader in aerodynamics and fuel economy, LoneStar progressed directly from math and clay models to production, without any development prototypes. LoneStar features advanced ride and handling, class-leading quietness, and a functional suite interior that rivals many offices and living rooms. The design team developed an interior that features a level of comfort and functionality typically found in recreational vehicles.

Interior highlights include:


  • Optional wood flooring in the sleeper cab.
  • Crescent-shaped sofa design with back pillows.
  • Swivel seats.
  • Floor to ceiling tower cabinets.
  • Closed cabinets and under-seat storage.
  • Optional Monsoon stereo system with 11 speakers, sub-woofer, and amplifier.
  • Pull-down bed with 42-inch-wide mattress with optional Lattoflex system memory foam.
  • Workspaces to plug in laptop computers with two pullout work tables.
  • Optional 1.7 cu-ft. refrigerator.


Automotive-style features built into the LoneStar include:


  • Standard ABS.
  • Roll stability.
  • Traction control.
  • Bluetooth Integration for hands-free phone use.
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel.
  • Automotive-style dash and gauges with rosewood or titanium trim.
  • 50-degree wheel cut.