SAN DIEGO – Qualcomm Incorporated, a provider of business-to-business wireless enterprise applications and services, and Con-way Truckload, a full-load freight transportation company serving North America, have plans to convert Con-way Truckload’s entire fleet of tractors to Qualcomm’s next-generation OmniVision mobile computing platform. Con-way Truckload selected the system for its flexibility and variety of value-added services, and with the objective to improve operational performance and customer service while enhancing the quality of life for its drivers, according to

The OmniVision system provides drivers with a color, touch-screen display and text-to-speech messaging for easy access to critical information. The system also uses over-the-air programming for upgrades so that the truck does not have to be pulled off the road to receive the benefit of software updates.

The OmniVision mobile computing platform is an integrated system consisting of software, hardware, and network infrastructure, enabling delivery of two-way data communications and value-added services to enterprises in a mobile environment. The OmniVision system for transportation incorporates industry-specific capabilities and features, including a growing number of value-added services.