ITASCA, IL - Emkay, Inc., announced its own economic stimulus package for all employees of Emkay. Last February, Congress approved a $168 billion economic stimulus package on February 13, which President Bush signed H.R. 5140, the Econmic Stimulus Package of 2008.

"This plan is aimed at keeping the world’s largest economy intact and out of recession with tax rebates and investment incentives. This should lead to higher consumer spending, and increased business investments this year. Although our economy is structurally sound, we are currently being met with some short-term challenges led by the housing market decline, and increased energy prices. Emkay has completed their fiscal year strong yet again and as a result, our leadership team will help do our part by further rewarding the hard working, and dedicated employees of Emkay during this downturn in our economy. Emkay has matched the amount given through the Economic Stimulus Package Act to all of its non-executive employees. This is our part to help our employees and their families during a decline in America’s economy," said Greg Tepas, president of Emkay.




Originally posted on Automotive Fleet