Enova Systems, a developer of proprietary electric, hybrid, and fuel cell digital power management systems, has designed, integrated, and delivered two service vehicles with Enova’s Post-Transmission Parallel Hybrid Drive System to Cox Communications, according to wwww.tradingmarkets.com. The hybrid vehicles are the GM 1500 Silverado Pickup and a Ford E250 Cargo Van. COX has more than 15,000 vehicles.

Enova’s post transmission system is one in which the electric drive System is integrated behind the transmission and is designed to be installed as a “drop in,” fully integrated turnkey fashion into an OEM production line, or retrofitted in post-vehicle production in a modular, “as-needed” basis.

The post transmission system is comprised of a proprietary AC induction electric motor, controller, and energy management system, and is designed and engineered as a total production ready solution. Enova’s post transmission system requires little to no modifications to chassis, body, instrument panel, etc. In addition, the system does not intrude on, or require any alteration to the calibration of engine control/communication system, thus avoiding any emissions certification issues.

Enova’s system monitors, but does not impact anything that exists within the existing engine. The charge sustaining system utilizes relatively small batteries that are maintained within specified range of state of charge over the entire drive cycle. Battery charge is maintained by the onboard equipment and is not normally recharged from the grid except as needed for cell balancing. Depending on the route, fuel economy, in miles per gallon (mpg) improvement, is from 30 percent to 55 percent or better for the post transmission charge sustaining system.

Emission improvements vary with the pollutant being measured and has shown up to a 90 percent improvement at times on particulate matter based on load and operating condition dependent.