Wheels, Inc., a fleet-management company, recently shared tips on reducing vehicle-fleet emissions during a Web seminar held to educate fleet managers on possible steps to and benefits of “going green.” The company has spent a significant amount of time working with their clients to develop a comprehensive, innovative program that not only helps their clients reach reduced emissions goals but aims to change the way people who drive as part of their work – and intrinsically as part of their lives – think about transportation and the environment. During the Wheels-hosted Web seminar, Wheels Eco-Fleet Expert Herb Wamboldt outlined the various aspects of the company’s evolving green program, which includes tools to aid in selecting vehicles, motivating driver behavior and using the vehicle more efficiently. Wheels’ online seminar included commentary from green programs expert Jonathan Wootliff who presented from the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali. Wootliff noted that conference discussions surrounding greenhouse gas reductions have expanded over the years from a singular focus on government policy solutions to active corporate involvement in addressing environmental change. AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals’ U.S. fleet manager, Kim Jamme, offered information during the seminar on AstraZeneca’s collaboration with Wheels to develop a tailored, comprehensive green-fleet program – one that has already produced a 3,000-ton reduction in emissions over three years. Email eco@wheels.com for an archived broadcast of the seminar.