Smart USA Distribution, a subsidiary of Penske Automotive Group, recently announced that most of its 74-member network is ready to start selling. Smart USA has certified 68 of these stores, which are kicking off sales this January, provided they meet licensing and other various approvals. Six are awaiting the completion of their facilities and are expected to open in 2008. Each of the stores' names is to be titled "smart center" followed by the name of the city. Each dealership's exterior will have a black facade featuring the company's logo above the entrance way, according to officials. Additionally, the showroom will sport smart's logo colors of black, yellow and white. Looking at the brands' three models, the pure coupe is expected to be priced starting at $11,590, the passion couple at $13,590 and the passion cabriolet at $16,590, according to smart USA. Officials noted that these prices are subject to tax, license and registration fees in addition to destination charges and option fees. Locations are scheduled to open in the following states: — Arizona (one store) — California (10) — Colorado (one) — Connecticut (two) — Florida (eight) — Georgia (one) — Illinois (two) — Indiana (one) — Kansas (one) — Kentucky (one) — Maryland (two) — Massachusetts (two) — Michigan (one) — Minnesota (one) — Missouri (one) — Nebraska (one) — New Jersey (three) — New York (six) — North Carolina (three) — Ohio (two) — Oklahoma (one) — Oregon (one) — Pennsylvania (two) — Rhode Island (one) — Tennessee (one) — Texas (one) — Utah (one) — Virginia (three) — Washington (one) — Wisconsin (one) Six additional locations are expected in the following states: Alabama (one), California (two), Mississippi (one), Nevada (one) and South Carolina (one). For more information, visit>