The Smart car, which will reach U.S. dealerships in January, has more than 30,000 reservations for the two-seater, 1,800-pound car, according to the Associated Press. About nine in 10 of the 30,000 customers are placing full orders for the Smart car, which gets 40 miles per gallon on the highway. Customers who order the vehicle now would likely receive it in late 2008 or early 2009. The micro vehicle has a base price of $11,590 for the Fortwo Pure, while a Fortwo Passion Coupe starts at $13,590. The Smart Fortwo Passion convertible starts at $16,950. Amid concerns over climate change, the company is testing a fleet of about 100 electric-drive Smart cars in London. To address safety, Smart has placed a steel safety cage and four air bags in the compartment to protect motorists and provides standard electronic stability control to help prevent the vehicle from swerving off the road. The AP reports that Smart, which was first launched in Europe in 1998, will build the vehicles in France and sell them through 73 U.S. dealers, including Mercedes dealers as well as dealerships that are part of the Penske Automotive Group. For more information, visit: