Garmin, a manufacturer of GPS systems, recently introduced new software which allows users to turn select smartphones with internal GPS into navigators. Tagged Garmin Mobile XT, this mobile phone software application pairs the phone's built-in GPS with Garmin's software, allowing customers to navigate anywhere in North America or Europe. Garmin Mobile XT offers preloaded maps and includes access to content like premium real-time traffic alerts and fuel prices, and does not require any monthly fees or subscriptions. The new software is preloaded on a microSD card that includes Garmin navigation software for the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, or Europe. Once the card is inserted into a compatible smartphone with embedded GPS, the Garmin Mobile XT application will launch automatically. Additioanlly, Garmin Mobile XT includes PeerPoints, enabling users to send their position to any other phone as well as view and navigate to the location of other Garmin Mobile XT users. Visit the Garmin Mobile Buyer's Guide,, for more information or to purchase Garmin Mobile XT.