IRVINE, CA – Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc. (TMHU) has launched the Toyota Fleet Solution program, its lift truck fleet management program. Designed to anticipate and meet customers’ lift truck needs, the Toyota Fleet Solution provides an enterprise-wide view of lift truck procurement, use, and service. The Toyota Fleet Solution is a data-driven, comprehensive approach to fleet management designed to create long-term partnerships and to deliver better bottom-line business performance for Toyota’s customers. With its SAP-driven Toyota Fleet Metrics system, the Toyota Fleet Solution goes beyond simply data reporting to actually analyzing customer’s fleet and making personalized recommendations to deliver a lean fleet, year after year. The Toyota Fleet Solution centers around five major components — fleet analysis, consolidated billing, fleet metrics system, a 24/7 toll-free call center, and Toyota TotalFleet, a customizable program. Each is available individually or as part of the company’s flagship product, TotalFleet. The proprietary TotalFleet offers a new model of cutting-edge fleet management with an extensive menu of offerings plus customizable components including finance, maintenance, and rental support. By conducting fleet inventory, application, operation, and maintenance expense surveys with a customer, Toyota dealers can make fleet optimization recommendations, allowing customers to see where they can gain efficiencies and leverage existing ones. Some of these recommendations may include suggestions as to financing options, maintenance schedules, short-term rental choices, and disposal of obsolete or underperforming lift trucks. Utilizing its Toyota Fleet Metrics tracking and reporting functions, the Toyota Fleet Solution program provides its customers with the ability to track their fleet’s performance over time and establishing performance benchmarks. The Toyota Fleet Solution provides customers with customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.