DETROIT —The new Transformers movie features Ironhide, a GMC TopKick medium-duty truck that transforms into an Autobot weapons specialist. In the movie, the GMC TopKick serves as the tactical and cool-headed right-hand robot that helps save the world from the Decepticons, evil robots from an alien world. “As in the Transformers movie, our GMC TopKick, and its sibling, the Chevrolet Kodiak, can take on a myriad of shapes, including delivery vehicles, stake bodies, service bodies, dump bodies, and even tow bodies. Add the variety of cab configurations, class ratings, engines, transmissions, wheelbases, and overall lengths, and you have the ideal vehicles for nearly any commercial business need,” said Mark Karney, GM Fleet and Commercial Operations (FCO) marketing director for vans and trucks. To transform a TopKick or Kodiak into a dump truck, furniture delivery vehicle, tow truck, or other special vehicle, GM uses Special Vehicle Manufacturers. All models share a stamped, straight-section, full-length C-channel frame. By using three variations of frame design and strength, TopKick models optimize weight- and load-carrying capability for their specific applications. TopKick and Kodiak C4500 and C5500 frames are so strong that even the lowest-rated frame has a higher strength rating than the 36,000-psi rating of its principal competitor’s frames. Cross members are web-mounted to the frame, providing additional torsional stiffness and rigidity. The Kodiak and TopKick C4500 and C5500 Series are available in Crew Cab, Regular, and Commercial Cutaway Chassis Cabs, as well as vocational packages to cover motor home, school bus, fire and rescue, ambulance, shuttle bus, tow truck, and snowplow requirements. TopKick and Kodiak trucks are available in either two-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive configurations. For larger tasks, the C6500, C7500, and C8500 Series (Class 6, 7, 8) trucks offer Regular, Crew, and Commercial Cutaway Chassis Cab offerings. A list of the more than 500 Business Central and Medium-Duty Dealers is available by selecting the Dealer Locator tool on the GM Fleet Web site: