Hybrid limousines are not allowed to escort people within the city limits of Toronto, Canada, the Toronto Star reports. In Toronto there is reportedly a bylaw that stipulates vehicle size, trunk space and passenger legroom restricts the use of the most popular and energy-efficient hybrid cars. Limousine companies are not permitted to add vehicles such as the Toyota Prius to their fleets–the same car that Los Angeles-based Eco-Limo used to bring Leonardo DiCaprio and other Hollywood stars to this year's Academy Awards ceremony. The fuel-efficient cars emit 65 percent less carbon dioxide than a Lincoln Town Car limo. According to the Toronto Star, the city said Prius limousines don't comply with size rules under a municipal bylaw, which considers a limo a luxury vehicle that can carry up to five passengers. The bylaw also stipulates that a stretch limo must be provided for every four sedans in a fleet.