In response to global warming concerns, pollution and dependence on oil, the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) feels the time is right to offer a new pavilion in the exhibit hall at the 50th Annual FMI-LEG Conference & Expo to be held May 6-7, 2007 in Houston, TX. This pavilion will be called The Green Zone. New Pavilion Means Greener Fleets
Located near the center of the exhibit hall, The Green Zone will feature the latest technology for clean diesel, alternative/renewable fuels, hybrid cars and trucks, electric cars and other advanced technology designed for a cleaner, more environmentally-friendly fleet -- sometimes referred to as a green fleet. The technology now exists to reduce global warming and pollution from cars, trucks and SUVs so NAFA is doing its part to join the movement. Since transportation is a major source of pollution, NAFA wants to help its members incorporate clean diesel, E-85, gas-electric hybrid, and alternative fuel vehicles and technology into their fleets. Currently, 48 U.S. cities in 36 states have green fleet programs, as do 26 county and 17 state governments. Police departments, school districts and taxi services are also significant participants in this movement. Who Should Exhibit?
Any company or organization involved in alternative and renewable fuels, tank and fueling systems, hybrid or alternative energy cars or trucks, clean diesel technology (especially retrofits), corn production and others should exhibit in The Green Zone and be part of this historic event. In 2005, Bill White, mayor of our host city, Houston, announced plans to convert a substantial portion of the city’s fleet of cars, trucks and SUVs to hybrids by 2010. Considering this is a fleet of more than 3,500 vehicles, it is significant for all hybrid manufacturers to pay attention to this movement! Hybrid Ride-and-Drive Event
There will also be a hybrid Ride-and-Drive event for those vehicles held in conjunction with The Green Zone exhibits. Call for details. Fleet professionals from coast to coast are very excited about the green fleet movement, so please let us know if you would like to be part of The Green Zone. Call our National Sales Office at 847-698-5069 or email