Manheim has launched Electronic Vehicle Purchase (eVP) 2.0, a freshly updated version of its upstream remarketing service for fleet administrators and corporate fleet managers, it was announced today. Highly flexible and quick to deploy, eVP 2.0 can be fully customized to accommodate a wide variety of implementations. The service delivers new features based directly on feedback from its fleet administrator customers, as well as the employees purchasing corporate fleet vehicles. “Manheim’s eVP 2.0 is the direct result of feedback from our fleet customers and their employees,” said Paul Magill, general manager of Manheim’s Remarketing Services division. “From that input we have built a highly flexible service that allows fleet administrators to remarket their vehicles more efficiently and provides employees a user-friendly vehicle shopping and buying experience.” eVP 2.0 accommodates not only fixed price offers, but also competitive bid auctions as well. Online administrative tools have been upgraded, providing an intuitive, simple-to-use Web interface that fleet administrators can use to manage the employee purchase program. In addition, vehicle data can be transmitted automatically in an electronic file, or a vehicle’s driver can now manually enter data about a vehicle and upload photos with an easy-to-use Web form. Corporate employees are able to review additional content when looking at their company’s fleet vehicles, with upgraded search tools and the ability to compare multiple vehicles side-by-side. Employees also have access to vehicle history reports and comparison shopping tools, as well as the finance and transportation options they previously enjoyed. As important, eVP 2.0 can seamlessly migrate no-sale vehicles to, Manheim’s midstream selling service, for sale directly to more than 65,000 dealers nationwide. This allows fleet administrators easy access to both upstream and midstream remarketing channels with the click of a mouse.