SmartDrive Systems Inc. has established a new national award for Fleet Risk/Safety Manager of the Year. Private companies, organizations, municipalities and government are asked to nominate managers for the 2007 Fleet Risk/Safety Manager of the Year Award. Nominations can be submitted via Entries should include supporting reasons each nominee should be considered. Nominees will be judged by company safety record. The winner will be announced in mid 2007. The winning organization will receive a free pilot version of SmartDrive, courtesy of SmartDrive Systems Inc. The SmartDrive in-vehicle unit is continuously recording, and “events” (such as a tailgating, swerving, speeding, or a collision) are wirelessly downloaded to the secure website where it is reviewed, then the driver may be counseled and retrained. SmartDrive guarantees safer driving through “behavioral shaping.” Smart Drive also guarantees a minimum of 30 percent fewer crashes for fleets of vehicles using this device. For more information, visit the SmartDrive Web site, or call toll-free (866) 933-9930.