BP Lubricants USA Inc., a leader in the development and production of high-quality lubricants, announced today its plans to introduce the newly formulated Castrol(tm) Hypuron(tm), a high-performance semi-synthetic diesel engine oil product designed for heavy-duty engines. The lubricant, formerly known as "Hypuron S", now complies with the new on-road industry standards for 2007 which require further control of exhaust emissions. The new industry standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), US EPA 07, mark the next official round of emission regulations tailored to on-road diesel engines. To assist engine manufacturers with compliance, Castrol has improved and expanded its premium semi-synthetic diesel engine oil line by redesigning Hypuron S to form Hypuron. Castrol Hypuron offers robust detergency to neutralize higher acid levels. The progressive formulation of Castrol Hypuron surpasses the ideal performance requirements of multiple engine manufacturers. Formulated to maintain its high total base number (TBN), while meeting the low ash requirements of API CJ-4, Castrol Hypuron minimizes oil consumption, reduces piston deposit formation and increases oil film strength as demonstrated in over eight million miles worth of testing. The superior performance of Castrol Hypuron allows operators to extend service intervals while maximizing equipment life and ultimately, improving the bottom line. "Castrol will continue to be an industry leader by surpassing government regulations," said Page Gray, Castrol Brand Manager. "With Castrol's advanced technology, Castrol Hypuron is able to go above and beyond performance requirements of various engine oils." Sulfated ash, phosphorous and sulfur are compounds found in lubricants that can affect "after-treatment" devices used to limit the exhaust gases from leaving newly designed diesel engines. Castrol Hypuron is referred to as low SAPS due to the low amounts of sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur contained in the oil. Castrol Hypuron meets industry specifications, including: API Service Categories - SAE 15W-40 (CJ-4, CI-4 Plus, CI-4, CH-4, CG-4, CF-4, SL); Caterpillar ECF-2; Cummins CES 20081; Detroit Diesel; Navistar International; Mack EO-O Volvo VDS-4. About Castrol Hypuron
Castrol Hypuron is a premium semi-synthetic lubricant designed to extend engine oil drains beyond OEM recommendations while maximizing engine life, improving the bottom line. There are several benefits to Castrol Hypuron's unique formula:
  • Includes high TBN and low ash chemistry.
  • Meets and exceeds API CJ-4 specifications.
  • Remains suitable for all heavy duty equipment and vehicles. About BP Lubricants USA Inc.
    BP Lubricants USA Inc. markets premium Castrol lubricants and business-building programs directly and through distributors to independent lube operators, service providers, on- and off-road fleets, new car dealers and leading retailers. Our line of diesel engine oils includes Castrol(tm) Elixion®, Castrol(tm) Hypuron(tm) and Castrol(tm) Tection(tm) Extra, as well as Castrol(tm) Fifth Wheel Grease. To find out more about Castrol products and programs, call 1-800-777-1466 or log onto www.castrol.com/us.