Approximately 2,000 truck drivers will have to retake their commercial driving tests because the Missouri State Highway Patrol says that they got their licenses without examiners watching them drive, according to a St. Louis Post-Dispatch report. The re-tests are necessary because one of Missouri’s third-party offices in Sikeston that administers the commercial drivers license test was closed after the state discovered that they were passing drivers without administering any tests. The company, Commercial Driving Academy, has since been de-certified, closed, and re-opened with new ownership. The 2,000 truck drivers who have to retake the test include 800 who live in other states, according to Post-Dispatch report. The state is sending 60 letters every 60 days to truck drivers, with about two-thirds of them notified so far. Missouri drivers will have to take their retests at examination stations that are operated by Missouri’s highway patrol. In addition, the state has sent 560 letters to truck drivers in Missouri, as well as letters to state licensing officials in other states, which will notify the drivers affected that they must be retested.