Colorado's road rage hotline is taking an average of 134 cell phone calls a day from motorists threatened by aggressive drivers, according to the Rocky Mountain News. Nearly 49,000 reports of dangerous lane changes, tailgating and obscene gestures poured into the Colorado State Patrol during the fiscal year ending in June, up 50 percent in six years. The figures include an unknown number of drunken drivers reported by cell phone. The Colorado State Patrol sends out letters after a motorist has been the subject of three complaints of aggressive driving. After a fourth report of reckless driving, a second warning letter is mailed out. A fifth report brings the final warning letter and a patrol officer follows up by meeting with the car's owner, observing that person's driving or issuing a citation. So far this year, the State Patrol has written 220 Colorado vehicle owners about aggressive driving - 27 of them three times. A similar program is also being considered by the Nevada Highway Patrol to help them minimize the state's growing road rage problem.